Complete guide to the energy transition

Let's go green together!

Innovating for the future

The latest advances in clean energy

Being at the very core of energy innovation, renewable energy sources offer sustainable energy alternatives for homes and businesses. Solar energy, wind power or thermal energy, these clean energies are inexhaustible in nature. They are constantly being renewed, which means they can indefinitely provide the energy needed by the industry in the future.

Clean, powerful wind power

The driving force of the wind to obtain energy thanks to the propellers of wind turbines.

The sun serving your home

Converting energy from the sun’s rays with photovoltaic panels.

Geothermal energy, an underground source

Exploiting heat sources deep under the earth’s surface.


A key element in the energy transition

A renewable and environmentally-friendly energy source, hydrogen supports the energy transition at every level. Hydrogen-based sustainable energy solutions minimise the harmful environmental impact of CO2 emissions. They are designed to last, while meeting growing energy needs and leaving a low carbon footprint.

Green hydrogen: tomorrow's clean fuel

Green hydrogen offers an excellent alternative to conventional fuels. It is one of the best new possibilities for the future.

Smart Grids: the future of intelligent energy management

Energy conversion, electricity generation and distribution are taking on a new dimension thanks to Smart Grids. This futuristic management system uses information and communication technologies to create intelligent electricity networks that are within everyone’s reach. It relies on the transmission of information in real time to adjust flows according to the assessed energy needs. Thanks to intelligent software, algorithms and sensors, Smart Grids improve the efficiency of your energy consumption.

Energy-efficient buildings

Comfort without compromise

Homes powered by clean energy

Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Energy-efficient lighting and electrical networks

Thermal insulation

No heat loss or thermal bridges thanks to insulation.

Heating systems

An economical and environmentally-friendly heating system.

LED lighting

Powerful, high-quality LED lighting at a lower cost.

Energy storage

The key to the future of energy

Energy storage devices are used for a variety of purposes and energy needs. They can be used to store electricity or heat on different scales. Hydraulic pumping, super-capacitors or thermal storage equipment, they use innovative and sustainable processes to store energy to power household appliances as well as electrical equipment.

Hydraulic pumping

Hydraulic pumping

The transfer of energy by pumping water into reservoirs.

Thermal storage

Devices dedicated to the storage of thermal energy.

Super capacitors

Capacitors for storing considerable amounts of energy.

Recycle energy

Recovering waste to produce electricity

Waste is a sustainable source of energy for the planet. Thanks to various thermal treatments (incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, etc.) and methanisation processes, it can be used to produce heat, electricity or biogas.